Student Registration

Isdiiwaangalinta Ardeyda

Student Registration

This registration Page is for all students: adults and children Note to Parents and prospective Quran Students:

Fadlan buuxi macluumaadka caruurta, waalidka, iyo qofkii doonayo inuu noqdo ardey ka tirsan Macalin Quran. Fadlan markaad is diiwaan galiso kadib, waxaad lacagta ka bixisaa Page-ka Pricing Payment.

Fadlan buuxi oo dhameystir macluumaadka foormka si aan kuu diiwaangalino.

Ready to get started

Please use this form to register for your children, for yourself, and any students who will be learning Quran with Macalin Quran. Please fill as much information as possible.

Please first register your details and your children’s details (Students). Then after registration, you can make the payment on the fee Page Pricing Payment Page.

Student Registration: Please register here and provide all the details

To register as simple as possible and to minimize contacts, we ask you to carefully fill out all the details here, pay full attention to the days and times of classes, it is very important that you select the correct days and times. We have a dedicated WhatsApp Support which is available on our website, any questions, you can ask there.

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